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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Immigration Reform or Political Expediency?

After hearing this it is crucial to remember that “securing the border” is widely bipartisan and supported fanatically by DC-based, supposed “immigrants-rights” groups. Militarization is pushed hard by religious conservative groups who have as one of their core principles a “guarantee of secure borders,” and it is upheld even by a supposedly progressive coalition of religious groups. The U.S. government spent $18 billion in 2012 year alone on border militarization – more than all other law enforcement expenditures combined. And the Senate bill that everyone is clamoring for a House vote on would spend an additional $46 billion. All the while there is little accountability of border patrol agents and the hegemonic messages that immigration reform is really border security continue almost unabated.

This is immoral and inhumane. Especially when you consider that at the same time we are spending such enormous amounts of money on militarizing the border with such violence already taking place, we have elected members of Congress trying to block access to such things as food stamps and student loans for people with low-level drug violations in their past. They are spending millions on corporate welfare while denying hundreds of dollars of essential services to poor individuals. I believe this is enough to make God want to puke.

But most DC offices of religious groups seem to be in favor it, or are offering little resistance.

Listen to the first minute of the NPR story again and hear the woman screaming because of the violence being done and ask yourself if you think we need not only the status quo of border militarization, but even more if even some parts of the Senate bill goes through conferencing.

Call your Senators and your member of the House of Representatives at 202-224-3121 and tell them the Senate needs to start over. We need solutions to the broken immigration system, not political expediency. If you are a members of a religious group call their DC offices and demand they stop the inane messages of demanding the House offer a vote when that will mean more border militarization, little to no accountability of border patrol agents, and increased violence on the border.

No one – not Democrats, not Republicans, and sadly, not even very many supposed DC-based immigrants rights groups are good on this. And we should be.